The Technology Behind The Product!

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WestCo US-Made Hi-Tech AGM Motorcycle Battery

I have selected a hi-tech battery (included in the price), which fits into the original battery tray. The new battery is only ½” longer and ¼” taller than the original, so fits comfortably. You use the original battery clamps, it has a 14-amp hour capacity and 190 cold cranking amps of power. It was designed for Harley's to withstand the heat and vibration. They are made in the U.S.A. by computer-controlled machines. Life is up to 8 years



You can watch it here (on you tube),  just click on the red writing : Start Your BSA


What is an AGM battery?

AGM is an abbreviation for absorbed glass mat. In this design, the acid is completely absorbed into glass mat separators which are sandwiched between the lead plates. It's a totally sealed and maintenance free design. There are no discharge tubes or fillers caps, which eliminates the need to maintain water levels and offers no concern about acid leaks on valuable parts and accessories.

 Why is an AGM battery better than a conventional motorcycle battery?

AGM batteries offer the following advantages over conventional batteries:
- Sealed maintenance free design means you never have to worry about checking water levels.
- AGM technology will not leak or corrode on paint and chrome.
- They have less internal resistance, which offers more CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) amperage than wet batteries.
- By nature AGM batteries are more heat and vibration resistant than conventional batteries, both which contribute to the large majority of failures in motorcycle applications.
- Slower self-discharge rate (longer shelf life) means battery can sit for extended periods of time without constant monitoring. A wet battery discharges 15% a month, where our AGM batteries discharge only 2-3% a month.

Should longer service life be expected from an AGM battery?

Yes. The main reason wet batteries fail is due to the fact that water levels are not properly monitored coupled with the fact that they are not very vibration resistant. AGM batteries do not have to be constantly maintained and are much more resistant to both heat and vibration, which is why they offer longer service life.

Maintenance and Storage

The sealed AGM batteries require very little maintenance during storage. Their advanced technology eliminates the need to monitor and maintain water levels. The sealed design means much longer periods between charges when the battery is inactive. A fully automatic charger such as the Accumate battery charger is adequate to charge and maintain the sealed battery. These types of chargers can be applied occasionally or can be left on indefinitely.


The graphics on the battery is on a sticker that can simply be removed if you wish.
Batch of gears, sprockets and shafts delivered from the gear cutting company
More components added that make up the starter!

The first production batch of starters have been made and fitted at my workshop in Cardiff. They now have been sent overseas to the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Italy , Germany and Ireland, and of corse all over the UK  The first, second and third batch of starter kits have been sold and i am in the process of making anuther batch which should be finished in erly October 2016.

The electric starter Kit comprises of:

The starter motor,  starter button, wiring, 12 Volt 14 AH battery, starter solenoid, gear and chain reduction mechanism with integrated sprag clutch, mounting plates, shafts, spacers, nuts, bolts and studs, in fact around 100 components in total. and comes with a comprehensive fitting instructions on a C.D. with around 100 step by step pictures with accompanying instructions.




Electric Starter Kit including machining your components and fitting the starter gear to your engine sprocket                                                                                               

Electric Starter Kit including machining your components and fitting the starter gear to your engine sprocket with - EARTH  motor






Including machining your components and fitting the gear to your engine sprocket ( battery can also now be sent by air ). Now I have a cirtificate that says it is safe for air transport


£1550 less battery £1490

Post & Packing

UK from


Europe From


Rest of the World From


The cost depends on service required and the level of insurance.


Starter Kit with fitting to your B.S.A. at my workshop in Cardiff, South Wales (+ anything that needs attention while it is apart, i.e. worn gear box sprocket, clutch components, seals, etc.)


Converting your bike to 12 Volt + earth  including the DVR2 voltage control unit. ( your existing 6 volt horn works OK on 12v and is louder! ) 


DVR2 Electronic Voltage Regulator ( the very best available)


High strength Dynamo belt drive with 20% extra speed


Fitting the belt drive to your bike


Battery Price:  ( +P&P ) 


Magneto Static Timing light  NEW PRODUCT


Set of 12 volt bulbs with 40/50 watt dip/main


Set of 12 volt bulbs with Halogen 50/60 watt dip/main and *20 watt halogen pilot bulb


Set of 7 super modern clutch plates ( 6 friction and 1 plain ) These are thinner and narower than STD clutch plates and five a much lighter clutch without slipping


* This halogen pilot bulb gives as bright a light as the headlight but without the power cosumption as a headlight, great for daytime riding with lights on* 










*This gives as bright a light as the main beam for daytime use with less electrical power consumption*