Have you Dreamed?

Have you ever dreamed of an having an electric starter on your bike!

Well dream no more!

If you are struggling to start your BSA, are worried about getting back from that great ride and are thinking you may have to sell your beloved BSA – think again!

“Steve McFarlane stunned everyone with his latest engineering project – an absolutely brilliant and totally unobtrusive electric start conversion kit to fit A7, and A10, ”
Bill Nelson – The Star. ( The B.S.A. Owners Club Magazine, August 2009 ) 

You can now fit a Steve McFarlane Electric Starter and enjoy your BSA at the touch of a button!

This starter works perfectly well on high compression engines where starting can be difficult

I am going to put a video on soon which demonstrates this on my bike as I can stand on the kick start for up to about 8-10 seconds before the kick start lever go's down.